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Welcome to the most exciting destination situated in St. George, Grenada. Esplanade Mall is a mixture of the modern art, luxurious environment and branded shops. Our mall gives rest to your search for the most happening shopping experience.

Our History

Grenreal Property Corporation Limited formerly St. George’s Cruise Terminal Limited was incorporated on August 27th, 2004 under the Grenada Companies Act 1994 and commenced operations on April 14, 2005. Grenreal was established to undertake the revitalization and operations of a shopping Centre with duty free facilities adjacent to the new Cruise Ship Port complex in St. George’s. In 2007 Grenreal, in accordance with Sect 219 (225) of the Company’s Act 1994, entered into an amalgamation agreement with Bruce Street Commercial Complex Limited, the owners of the Jan Bosch Building, a commercial center located adjacent to the port complex in St, George’s. Following the amalgamation Grenreal continued to operate under the same name and was listed on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange on July 21, 2008.

Esplanade Mall

Corporate Strategy


As a listed real estate company, the Company intends to offer to private as well as institutional investors a first-rate investment in Grenada real estate with an attractive risk-return profile. The focus of all entrepreneurial activities of the management is on promoting profitability and achieving a sustained increase in the enterprise value.


The strategy pursued by the Company is based on active real estate portfolio management. Since the Company does not undertake developments itself, it depends on the cooperation with developers such as Zublin Grenada Limited, and an active management of the properties in its portfolio.

The Company pursues to build up a diversified real estate portfolio. For example, the acquisition by merger of the Dr. Jan Bosch Building has been made in order to mitigate the risk of the dependency on the cruise industry.

The Company actively manages – with its own team of dedicated professionals – the real estate portfolio to ensure that a sustained added value is being provided. The real estate investments of the company are restricted to Grenada for the moment.

The listing of the shares of the Company at the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange is part of the growth-strategy and will provide the Company with access to the capital markets in order to raise additional funds for future investments.

Board of Directors

Board of director
Mr. Ronald L. Hughes, Chairman
(Guardian General Insurance (OECS) Limited)

Ronald L. Hughes entered the Insurance Industry in 1984 when he joined Caribbean Insurance Com any Ltd. which was subsequently rebranded Trans Nemwil Insurance Ltd. Grenada. Mr. Hughes worked in most Departments of the Company and held the positions of Marketing Manager and Claims Manager before being appointed General Manager on March 1, 1997 and then Managing Director on July 1, 1998.

Much of his training was received through the Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Academy, The Insurance Institute of America and The National Leadership Institute/CPCU Society. Currently, Mr. Hughes is a past President of the Association of Grenada Insurance Companies.

Board of director
Mr. Sükrü Evrengün, Deputy Chairman
(Zublin Grenada Limited)
Deputy Chairman

Sükrü Evrengün is the finance director of Zublin Grenada Ltd. Mr. Evrengün graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a Master’s degree in Fiscal Law in 1985. After graduation, he enrolled in the management trainee program at ABN-AMRO Bank in Amsterdam. In 1988 Mr. Evrengün joined the Citco Group, where he worked for eleven (11) years in managerial positions in both the trust and banking operations, in the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Netherlands, BVI and Switzerland.

After leaving Citco in 1999, Mr. Evrengün established himself as an independent corporate finance consultant in Switzerland and co-founded Circle Partners in 2000, an international financial services group, which at present services assets of over US$ 3 billion, with offices in the Netherlands, Switzerland and the BVI.

Mr. Evrengün concluded the Program for Management Development at the Harvard Business School in 1995 and serves as an independent director on the board of various investment funds and international companies.

Board of director
Ms. Fay Roberts
(Zublin Grenada Limited)

Ms. Fay Roberts is a Grenadian National who resides in the British Virgin Islands. Owner\Manager of Nicandon Services Limited, a consultancy company. Director of Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour Management Limited and former director of Citco BVI Limited. Part-time tutor at H. Lavity Stoutt Community College. Executive Diploma – Chartered Management Institute.

Board of director
Mr. Ron Antoine
(Grenada Ports Authority)

Mr. Ron Antoine graduated from the University of the West Indies with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He holds an MBA from Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business.

He was a senior manager at PSEG Power of New Jersey, USA where he served as a manager of corporate development with focus on cost optimization, planning and capital governance.
Presently, he is the Managing Director of the Grenada Breweries Limited, a subsidiary of the ANSA McAL Group of Companies.

He also serves on the Board of Directors of several leading companies in the Region and is currently the Chairman of the National Insurance Scheme of Grenada.

Board of director
Mr. Dorset Cromwell
Board of director
Mr. Christopher Husbands
(National Insurance Scheme)
Board of director
Dr. Linus Thomas
(St. George’s Newport Property Development Company Limited)

Linus Spencer Thomas is currently employed as a Management Consultant. He served in the capacity of Director General of Finance and Economic Advisor to the Government of Grenada from 1995 to 2007.

He currently provides Consultancy Services in the areas of Economics, Finance, Business, Environment, and Management.

He graduated from Howard University with Bachelor’s Degree in Economics in 1988. Thereafter obtained a Masters Degree in Economics in 1990 from Iowa State University, Doctor of Philosophy from Howard University in 1994 and a Post Doctoral Masters Degree in Telecommunications from the University of the West Indies in 2006.

Board of director
Mr. Anthony Maughn
(Caribbean Financial Services Corporation)

Anthony Maughn was appointed President of CFSC in 2007 with a mandate to provide overall leadership and direction to the Corporation’s affairs and to ensure that the strategic goals and objectives implemented by the Board of Directors were undertaken, allowing the Corporation to be productive and maximise its shareholders returns.

Mr. Maughn worked for twenty (29) years at the Caribbean Development Bank, departing that institution as Chief of the Private Sector Development Division. A former commercial banker, Mr. Maughn has had a diverse career working in various field including finance, investments and project evaluation and management.

Board of director
Mr. George Bain
(Grenada Ports Authority)
Board of director
Mr. Richard W. Duncan
(Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited/National Insurance Scheme)
Richard W. Duncan is the Managing Director of Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Accounting from the University of the West Indies and a Masters of Arts Degree in Public Administration from Carleton University. Mr. Duncan has attended and made presentations at various seminars and conferences in the areas of Corporate Governance, Strategic Planning and Bank Management. He is also a Fellow Certified Professional Accountant; an Associate of the Institute of Canadian Bankers; and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA Canada); and has held various positions in the management of Grenada’s Public Service, such as Accountant General and Deputy Director of Budget and Fiscal Policy. Prior to becoming Managing Director of the Bank, he was the Bank’s Manager of Finance & Corporate Affairs. Mr. Duncan currently serves as a Director on several Boards and is currently the Deputy Chairman of the Caribbean Credit Card Corporation.
Board of director
Mr. Fitzroy O'Neale
(Grenada Co-operative Bank Limited/National Insurance Scheme)

Company Secretary

Board of director
Mr. Dennis Cornwall
Company Secretary

Audited Financial Statements

Shareholders and Stakeholders

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